How It Works

Sprint module architecture

Sprint milestone is set with stake holder and structure functional requirements with development team. This will ensure synchronized understanding.

Technical architecture

A milestone is a breakdown of the functional features that will help bring up the final solution. This is a critical component of Agile process planning stage. This will ensure to develop specific features during each sprint.

Every milestone we will also develop a solution backlog, which is a list of all the functional features and deliverables that will bring up the final solution. When additional sprints are planned the team will pull tasks from this backlog.

Daily interactions (Stand ups)

Weekly presentations, review of beta versions make sure everyone is on the same functional module and can raise their concerns.

Sprint reviews

After the end of each sprint module, NZI will hold a sprint review with the project stakeholders to show them the finished solution beta version. This is to ensure open communication with stakeholders. An virtual video conference meeting allows both the stake holder and the development team to build a relationship and discuss solution related issues that arise.

NZI will have a sprint retrospective meeting with the stakeholders to discuss the happy moments that went well during the sprint milestone, what could have been made better and what was accomplished during the sprint milestone.

Complete Code reviews will be done by NZI before the final beta release will help detect issues like security leaks, file leaks and any performance issues.