Remote desktop IT support

Netzone International provides secure remote desktop support service to optimize your laptop / PC, malware clean-up, browser issues, slow computer boot up, system errors, computer settings issues, network & internet issues, virus, spyware removal and firewall security issues.

You don’t have to take your laptop to a service station to get it tuned up. We also guide and suggest different setups to keep your laptop’s running without issues after our service. Our remote service is structured to optimize your laptop / PC safely.

Help desk support

Laptop / PC browser issues

$15 / Max - 30 minutes

  • Quick cleanup of PC - temp memory and etc. Basic help with suggestions to keep PC working.

Internet and connectivity issues

$25 / Max - 60 minutes

  • Critical technical support, Network/Internet connectivity, email issues, PC, antivirus check, safe browser settings, firewall & security

Drive clean up

$55 / Max - 90 minutes

  • C Drive clean up, security setup, old files, cached, old programs cleanup, system errors, recommendation for storing files, external backup, slow boot up, secured configuration of PC, etc.,

Outlook/Email issue support

$35 - $60 / Max - 30 - 60 minutes

  • Config new mail box / trouble shoot configured mail box, Inbox issues, Sending issues, Opening attachments, New email issue, Contacts to maintain, How to use Calendar, Create folders, Etc.,

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