Windows Server Monitoring And Administration

Netzone International help your company not to get attacked by potential security issues and operating system glitches. We keep your firmware updated regularly and make your workstations and servers run without break down’s, potential virus threats, trojan horses, malware attacks and internet hack attacks that occur almost every day, which penetrate to the networks and gain access to the systems. All major operating system and software vendors regularly patch up and send updates to keep away from attacks and security loopholes. Netzone International as a top IT support company in Houston, Texas can provide remote maintenance service of windows servers, work stations and monitor spike in disk usage, sudden high CPU usage, URLs, files and directories in windows server.

Our strategic is to keep a file management with profile configuration of all your servers and workstations, which gives all important information about the PC, it will be catalog with details of OS type, license information for software’s, anti-virus software information, network information and user details.

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