Database Management Solutions

Database management solutions provides simple storage and retrieval mechanisms, including large files, index structures and query optimization.

Netzone International provides the right database system to support your organization. Depending on your project requirements and its complexity. Netzone International can develop a database solution using open-source databases, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.

A possible solution – Case study

‘In a rental car company drivers complain about the poor organization structure at the rental car parking area managed by the technicians. As a result, the officials decided that all information related to the parking area should be organized using a database management solution.

First task was to organize the information about all the cars stationed and maintained at the parking area. Every car has a registration number, and each car is of a specific model. The rental parking area accommodates a number of car models, and each model is identified by a model number (e.g., SX 34) and has a passenger capacity, number of technicians work at the rental parking area. You need to store the name, License ID no, address, Mobile number and salary of each technician in the rental parking area.

Each technician is an experienced automobile expert on one or more car model(s), and few exper-tise may overlap with that of other technicians. This information about technicians must also be recorded. Drivers must have a regular alert on their expire of license and rental car driving permit renewal. For each driver, you must store the date of the most recent license renewal.

Netzone International provides database design, development, implementation and support services. We provide professional online database solutions.

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