What technologies will be used to develop custom online software?

We constantly upgrade our self’s on latest technologies. We use different technologies, frameworks, and programming languages for server side and front-end development.

    Backend - Node.js, PHP, Python, Java, etc
    Frontend - JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue, iOS, Android, Flutter
    Databases - PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB
How much will it cost for custom online software development service?

Considering our experience with various projects, online custom software development projects range between $5,000 and $50,000 to design and develop.

Different functions which structure the cost.

    Functional requirement
    Type of features that needs to support the user.
    Access and design Complexity
    Structure of the project
    Third-party integrations
What is web development solutions?

Our web development solutions include simple CMS enabled website to developing progressive web apps (PWA), custom online business applications, e-commerce platforms, and SaaS applications.