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Internet has changed the way businesses function, and will continue to make it more user friendly as artificial intelligence and bots have started entering each business. Many business software programs are being upgraded to work as browser based Internet applications. Many new customized applications are being designed and developed with full Internet capabilities. Customers can use internet to buy online, track and check their order status, obtain tracking information all from one point without direct interaction with support service department. Executives can access necessary information while on the road and workers can perform their duties from home or while travel. Internet as one big network started providing businesses countless opportunities to improve efficiencies, reduce overhead, instant customer service, and increase profits by 30%.

Customized Web Programming

Netzone International has developed several custom business software applications since 2010. We can provide the software design and web programming skills necessary to help you build a high quality custom web software solution that will enhance operational performance of your business activity. Our experienced web architect software consultants will interact directly with your staff to define the business requirements of your custom software requirement, define available technology to determine the appropriate environment for your web based applications, and structure a plan for the design, development, implementation and software maintenance of your custom web applications.

Netzone International development methodology contains the following steps:
Proposed customized web software is defined and a software requirements document is prepared. If existing software is to be replaced, the existing software is to be reviewed and evaluated to identify processing deficiencies. This process is done by interacting with the stack holders and users of the software. The evaluation of the existing software will be added to the new solution requirement. This will help the new software design address the functional requirements and any deficiencies in the existing software.

The software requirement design document is submitted for approval to start the physical code development for software construction, host server, operating systems, programming, communications, and security issues.

The custom software web solution is developed in accordance with the software requirement plan. The solution will be tested and installed and complete training will be provided to the users. If needed, web software modifications, enhancements, etc should be made at this stage. The custom web software application is put into use.

Implementation: The new web software application can be phased and structured for deployment, according to application or location, and the old software solution can be gradually replaced.


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