Database Software Development

Netzone International provides effective software design for all database development projects.

We can analyze your current onlinefunctions, web pages and internal software functions and create a new easy access database development requirement procedure to enhance your profitability.

Netzone International works with family owned small companies to mid-size businesses.

Our process
Our custom database software process includes analysis and documentation of your project requirement objectives, a comprehensive case study of your business functions, a user interface (UI)design structure, processing rules and requirements, database design and database model, as well as detailed testing, implementation, user documents and training plans.

The database analyst will build a conceptual database structure and use a data modeling tool to ensure that the relational database design and indexing structures are as per the requirement plan. The performance of database design depends on database normalization, stored procedures and triggers. Security aspect, such as Secure Socket Layer(SSL) for web database development will be deployed.

We provide necessary host server deployment plans to make the project a grand success.


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